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We are a European VIP Athens Escort & VIP Athens Call Girls Agency for men and women who search for the best entertainment in Europe and Greece. We offer high class partners, drivers, models and escorts to make your staying here truly unforgettable, and not only.

If you are keen on using the best things in life, including quality and entertainment, then you can check out our escorts’ European gallery.
In GOLDEN DIAMOND ATHENS ESCORT, we always try to improve our services in order to respond, easily, properly and quickly for you. Thus, you can choose between two different meeting choices: outcall services and incall services.
You can arrange a meeting with our luxurious Athens Call Girls in private apartments or hotels in European cities.

Our priority is to offer you the best and most sensual sex escorts and partners in Athens. Everything is between yourself and your beautiful escort.


Our escorts’ photographs are 100% genuine and recently taken. All the ladies have done a recent photo shooting, and every time they decide to change their look, we take new photographs and videos in order to be up-to-dated and represent the present.

None of the photographs are edited in Photoshop! If, by any chance during your meeting, the girl, who has come to you, do not respond to the one you had chosen, then you have the right not to be charged of the meeting.

All our girls and their photo gallery are 100% genuine and their profiles are not fake, but real!

Our office of escorts offers sexual services in adult entertainment, 24/7, in Athens.


Our beautiful Athens, Greece Call Girls & Athens, Greece Escorts are characterized by:

  • Will and love to what they are doing
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism
  • Good-looking Appearance
  • Mood for sensual adventures and experimenting
  • Femininity
  • Willingness to do everything to please you
  • Imagination in love

Why to arrange a meeting with one of our escorts?

Our Athens Escorts are lively, beautiful and attractive. All the ladies have shapely bodies and you will not meet any lady without the perfect body analogies, or not having a tight ass, or even a tighter pussy.
The Golden Diamond Athens Escort is the best escort agency in Athens with dozens Athens escort girls, weekly renewed. With new arrivals directly from Moscow, you will never get bored having sex!
In our website, you will find women from all over the world, in every height, body and eye color, as well as hair length, with one common goal: do everything in bed.

Many of the women working for us, still are or were models in the past, who have portrayed for important men magazines, such as Playboy, Penthouse, For Him, Domai, and many more along with sensual sites.

Common Questions for Greek Escorts

How can I introduce myself to an escort over the phone?

Everything is simple!“Hello, Kira. My name is “George”. I saw your advertisement at your website…and I would like to spend some time with you at my hotel apartment. Are you available today/next Wednesday/29th March?”
You can have a simple conversation with an Athens Escort over the phone. Believe us – this is much better than to stutter without knowing what to say. Many men are quite clumsy when they have to talk on the phone with strangers (they fake dry cough, they say that this is not who they are… but it’s okay to be!). Others, on the other hand, do not even talk.

Those clumsy and strange silences may evoke anxiety to an escort and then, your meeting could end before it even begins.
Just say hello, say your name, the day and the time, along with the place that you would like to meet with her. Then, the Greek Escort will either accept your invitation or suggests an alternative day.

How can I ask her about the price per hour with her?

The price per hour should usually be referred somewhere in her advertisement or website. If you cannot find it, then ask her cautiously.

Make an indirect question: “What can I bring for you?”
If she does not understand what you asked, then try again with something like: “What should I put in your envelope?”

The Golden Diamond Escorts mention clearly the price per hour in their profiles, so you do not have to ask. You just have to put the precise amount in an envelope (100€-160€) before your meeting and leave it to a bedside table when you see her.

How can I find out if an escort can come to my place?

All the Greece Escorts mention in their profiles if they accept incalls or outcalls. Pay attention to the advertisements or websites before you start asking. Some escort call girls may not want to reveal their services – others state their services clearly.
Most customers prefer to make their appointments to their place. Most people do not have the luxury of free time, something totally understandable. Customers who travel often, they are not willing to leave the comfort of their place (not to be blamed for that actually!)
There are regular customers, who believe that the escort lady will accept a meeting at her place, BUT most of them do not accept customers at their place and it is mentioned in their websites, where you can chat with them.
If this is not clearly stated in their website, then you have to clarify it, elegantly. Ask what you desire, as well as the meeting place you desire. If the lady agrees, then you have successfully arranged a meeting. However, if the lady suggests otherwise, then you have to understand that your plans must be changed.

How can I assure myself that the profile is not fake?

Well, you cannot. We wish we could tell you a secure technique in order to assure that the lady behind the conversation is the one you will meet, but there isn’t. Trust our website Golden Diamond Escorts. Our profiles are 100% genuine and authentic, regularly renewed with new ladies and photographs.

The most effective thing you can do is to be smart and careful. Do your research… properly! Check out if the website or the profile of the escort to whom you are interested in, exists for quite some time. Check out if her site or blog or social media account is active in online pages or if it has recent comments towards other users. If somebody has kept an active profile on the Internet for years, then it is possible to be real.

On the other hand, escorts do not reveal their personal Facebook or Instagram accounts. They usually keep profiles in online dating apps, from which they communicate – at first – with possible customers, before they meet. That is why most customers, when they find an Athens escort that they like, keep asking for the same lady or they ask to meet another one, though her.

How can I ask when to meet with her?

The most usual for the escorts is to visit the customer to his/her place. Most ladies make it clear in their profiles.
From my experience, customers usually prefer to arrange a meeting in their place – either it is a hotel room, a cottage house, their permanent apartment or even a studio room where they share with friends for sensual intercourses – the escorts will come to the place the customer chooses.
You have to come into contact with the lady you desire, at least 2-3 hours prior to the preferable meeting time. Every woman needs time in order to get ready. Do not forget though, that she might be in another meeting. So, make sure to give her enough time before the meeting hour, not only for you, but also for belle you would like to meet.

Greek Playmates & Athens pornstars

Most of our women escorts are pornstars who have already made many erotic films linked to big porn networks such as Pornhub, Brazzers, and many more, and the erotic scenes that they have filmed are legendary.

There is nothing more erotic and more arousing than to have sex with a professional pornstar from our escort agency.

Athens is a very lively and erotic city, and even from the ancient times there were many prostitutes (the today-escorts of ancient Athens) connecting Athens to Piraeus, offering their erotic services to passer-bys.

The prostitutes of ancient Athens were something like of our modern Athens Call Girls & Athens City Tours who offer erotic services over a price. Those ladies of ancient Athens were completely liberated because prostitution were liberated itself and the police that time was taking care so as not to overcharge for their services.

Nowadays, after 2500 and more years, our escort agency continues the city’s tradition offering high class services of adult entertainment with Athens Call Girls for our VIP clients, discreetly.

You can arrange a meeting with an Athens Call Girl all over Athens, in every suburb, and in Piraeus.

New Models in Athens & City Tours every week.

Erotic variety in sex is one of our strongest parts, because we renew our ladies, bringing new pornstars and new escorts every week, from east countries mostly, where women have the perfect silken skin, work out daily, with light-colored characteristic, something we prefer as a people.

You will not get bored with us, because we know exactly what you need and we offer it to you through our beautiful ladies in Athens, whom we make sure to renew regularly, in order to keep your fantasy and your mind aroused, every day, 365, without stopping – not even in bank holidays.

International pornstars, big tits models και celebrities

In our escort agency, we bring international escorts and models every week, from all over the world, but mostly from Russia and Ukraine. For more information, you can reach us by calling us.
We also know that you are fond of big tits, so we have taken care of it by bringing big tits models in Athens, especially for you.
Who doesn’t want to have sex with a celebrity or a TV presenter? We read your minds and that is why we have the best celebrities call girls through your favorite escort agency.

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Adult entertainment is a serious case and we like to offer the best in call girls and escorts to VIP for sex.
We offer 100% guarantee in satisfaction in our erotic services with all the extras which will arouse your fantasy and will make your forget whatever you knew about sex and love until now.

Our escort agency warns you: Having sex with our Athens Escorts is extremely addicted – do not start it!

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